14 StoriesWEDDINGS Rev. Dorothy Emerson can help you create a special ceremony reflecting your particular relationship and spiritual/religious values. She specializes in interfaith weddings and in working with couples who come from different perspectives.

When someone you love dies, you want to celebrate their life in a special way and have a context in which you can mourn and say good-bye. Rev. Dorothy Emerson can help you create a funeral or memorial service that will incorporate the elements that are important to you and honor the memory of the one who has died. As a minister, she can help you move through a difficult time with loving support and come to a sense of peace.

Parents who are not part of a religious community may still want to have a special ceremony to bless their child (of any age).· Rev. Dorothy Emerson can help you create a context and a ceremony to welcome your child and help your community of family and friends acknowledge their support and commitment to the life of your child.

Croning is a new concept that acknowledges women’s beauty and wisdom as they age and become wise women, also known as crones. Ceremonies are now being created - either for individual women or for groups of women - to recognize this important transition into the later stages of life.· Usually celebrated anytime a woman is at least one year past last menses, a croning ceremony can help a woman feel more comfortable with the aging process and approach this stage of life with anticipation and excitement. It is also a way for family and friends to acknowledge and celebrate the older woman.

Are you moving into a new house or office? Are you launching a new phase in your current house or office?· Are you moving out of a house or office you have been in for awhile? All of these are occasions you might want to celebrate.· You might want to dedicate the new space, clear out negative energy, heal something that happened in the space, or simply celebrate the transition. A simple ritual or something more complex can help you enter or leave a space with a sense of new beginnings or completion. Rev. Dorothy Emerson can help you design and conduct a ceremony that will help you make the transition with a feeling of blessing, gratitude, and grace.

Many other occasions benefit from ceremonies: anniversaries, divorce, new jobs, moving, graduation, travel, organizational changes, and more. Rev. Dorothy Emerson can help you design a way to acknowledge the changes that will help you move through them, letting go of the past and celebrating the future.