Dorothy Emerson is an experienced public speaker and has made many presentations at conferences and in other venues over the years. Here is a list of programs she has available to offer in your settings. Some can be adapted as either workshops or talks.

In addition to the workshops listed below, Dorothy facilitates workshops on class through UU Class Conversations. See for details.

Workshops and Presentations


This interactive program provides an opportunity to consider and share the experiences of those who were alive in the 1960s. We are still living with the consequences and the on-going unfolding of much that began in this decade.

For those of us who came of age in the 1960’s, this turbulent decade shaped our lives and who we have become. Yet we do not often talk about this. Now that we are in our 60s, perhaps it’s time we did.

By sharing our stories and reflections I hope to encourage participants to harvest the best of what this era initiated and make greater use of its lessons in our lives going forward. I also hope to foster a deeper understanding of the significance of the 1960s, beyond simply a hedonistic time of drugs, sex, and rock and roll, and to encourage younger generations to engage with intentionality in the concerns of their own times.


This interactive program explores what it means to be a wise woman or crone today. Through ritual, small group discussion, and a guided meditation through a triple spiral labyrinth, participants will gain a deeper appreciation of the spiritual and social significance of being a crone.

Participants will learn about a self-guided curriculum in 13 circles, designed to prepare women to take on the important role of wise woman in their communities. Becoming Women of Wisdom: Marking the Passage into the Crone Years is primarily for women who are entering or have passed through menopause. Each circle includes poetry, story, art, music, and dance to help women connect to the profound meaning of this life passage. The curriculum concludes with a croning celebration as participants celebrate their new status and name themselves crone, queen, elder, or grandmother.


This presentation includes an overview of Margaret Fuller’s life and significance, with a focus on her spiritual development, how she found the strength within herself to break free from the restrictions of her time and create an amazing body of work that still has relevance for us today.

Margaret Fuller (1810-1850) was a leading Transcendentalist along with Emerson and Thoreau. She wrote the groundbreaking book Woman in the 19th Century and was the first woman social and literary critic and foreign correspondent for Horace Greeley’s New York Tribune. She called on Americans to question the second-class status of women, African and Native Americans and to establish true democracy at home.


What's spiritual about money? What difference does our use of money make in the world? This interactive program explores spiritual dimensions of money and ways our use of money can promote justice in the world. We examine practices like mindful spending and saving, socially responsible investing, high impact donations, and community investing to end poverty.


Dorothy Emerson has worked with this popular personality indicator for over 30 years. She offers workshops and talks about the dynamics of personality styles in individual development, in relationships, in the workplace, and in organizations. She also administers the MBTI and provides feedback on results for individuals, couples, and groups.