Rev. Dr. Dorothy May Emerson provides ministry through public speaking, guest preaching, workshops, writing and publishing, and personal consultations.

Dorothy also provides ministry through the celebration of important life events—weddings, child dedications, house blessings, memorial services, funerals, and whatever other events you might want to celebrate.


What’s Class got to do with It?
Class is one of the last taboo subjects, yet it affects us every day in both overt and subtle ways—and it stands in our way as we seek to live our UU principles and create Beloved Community.

Sea Change: Reflections on the 1960s
The 1960s introduced many cultural changes that still influence us today, as we continue to struggle with issues of freedom, equality, peace, and love. What can we learn from this era about the challenges of creating a culture based on Unitarian Universalist values and principles?

Building a Rainbow World: Finding hope in our time
What does it mean to live at this particular time in history? What role might Unitarian Universalists play in creating a hopeful future?

Don't Be Nice, Be Kind
Sometimes being nice can mask real feelings and block us from action, while being kind releases positive energy that ripples out and makes a difference in the world.

Radical Hospitality
What does it mean to be welcoming? What is “at the root” of the practice of hospitality? 

Call from Within
An invitation to take time to be quiet and listen for the voice within, hear our inner wisdom, and deepen our understanding of our life’s purpose and path.

Thankfulness can be both a spiritual practice and a basis for social action.

Living Your Soul's Purpose
How do we know what our purpose in life is—both as individuals and as a spiritual community?

Called to Community
Ministries to the wider community can expand the impact of Unitarian Universalism. Local congregations can support and develop such ministries to bring healing and justice to the world. (Possible Community Ministry Sunday service)

Spirit, Money, and Justice
How does our relationship with money affect us spiritually and emotionally? What does it mean to have a healthy relationship with money? How can we best use money to work for justice?

Investing for Justice
Decisions about how to spend and invest the money that flows through our lives have ethical implications that affect our communities and the interdependent web of existence. The choices we make and the actions we take with money constitute our economic footprint. How can we align our use of money with our values and put our money to work for justice?

Standing Before Us: Four women from Massachusetts who changed the world
Universalists Judith Sargent Murray and Mary Livermore and Unitarians Margaret Fuller and Lucy Stone lived lives of faith and action that had lasting impact on our lives. Yet they remain for the most part forgotten. Why is that? What can we do to recognize their work and continue their legacy?

In Body and Spirit: Margaret Fuller’s legacy for us
Margaret Fuller (1810-1850) was a leading Transcendentalist along with Emerson and Thoreau. She wrote the groundbreaking book Woman in the 19th Century and was the first woman front-page columnist and foreign correspondent for Horace Greeley’s New York Daily Tribune. She called on Americans to question the second-class status of women, African and Native Americans and to establish true democracy at home. This service focuses on her spiritual development, how she found the strength within herself to break free from the restrictions of her time and create an amazing body of work that still has relevance for us today.

Learning the Art of Peace
Many of us long for peace but wonder what difference we can make in a world that only knows war. The peace-making work of some fascinating Universalist, Unitarian, and UU women can empower our own efforts to make peace a reality.

A Time for Turning
What is the role of acknowledgment and forgiveness in healing and moving forward? (Appropriate for fall, Jewish Days of Awe)

Love Acts
What does it mean to put love into action in our lives as Jesus did? What would it take to follow his courageous model? (Possible Advent service)